Vancouver's top seed investor wrote an early cheque to Robinhood, a $40 billion unicorn

The VC also made early investments in Carbon Health and OccamzRazor.

Robinhood, the fast-growing, Silicon Valley-based stock trading app, grew its revenue from $9.3 million in 2016 to $682 million in 2020. As a seed investor in the startup, Vancouver’s Dr. E. Bora Uygun wrote one of the first cheques to the juggernaut, now reportedly worth $40 billion.

That investment is just one of many early bets that earned Dr. Uygun a spot on Business Insider’s inaugural Seed 100, a list of the best early-stage investors. The news site worked with Tribe Capital, a seed venture-capital firm and investor in other funds, to analyze more than 1,000 investors to uncover the top performers.

About Dr. Uygun, who was ranked #94 and is the only Canadian on the list, Business Insider said the following:

Uygun is a serial entrepreneur with four startups and a doctorate in information technology and telecoms on his résumé. Originally from Turkey, Uygun says he invests in founders who are attacking large markets with software solutions that remove pain points for customers. His advice to aspiring seed investors is that they start today with "as little as $1,000. I believe they won't regret it.”

Dr. Uygun’s other notable seed investments include Carbon Health, Eligible, OccamzRazor, Remote Team and Rescale.

How was the ranking put together? Tribe Capital used the following criteria to determine who the “best” are:

The full list of 100, as well as a Seed 25, a list of the top female seed investors, is behind a paywall on the Business Insider website. If you shell out for the subscription, you can search investors by name or sector and sort by rank, name, and city.