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William Johnson 
Founder of Vancouver Tech Journal. Tips: Tweets: @notionport
Kate Wilson 
Managing Editor of the Vancouver Tech Journal. Tips: Tweets: @katewilsonsays
VTJ Staff
The team at Vancouver Tech Journal.
Nathan Caddell
Nathan was previously Senior Editor of the Vancouver Tech Journal. He's spent more than a decade writing and editing for some of Vancouver's most loved and hated publications.
Erin Gee
Erin Gee is the co-host of the Bad + Bitchy podcast.
Isabelle Kirkwood
Isabelle Kirkwood is a Vancouver-based freelance writer. For over three years, she has written about Canada’s burgeoning tech sector and startup ecosystem.
Samir Javer
Samir is a Product Manager at Grammarly, with experience at high-growth companies in Vancouver and Silicon Valley.
Erika Finlay
Erika has been leading CSR and ESG programs for Vancouver tech companies for over a decade. Head of Social Impact at Unbounce and the #PayUpforProgress movement.
Wyatt Fossett
Wyatt is a video game and technology aficionado, creative writer, and poet, living on the West Coast of Canada. Taller than you'd expect, softer than you'd perceive, and obsessed with TCGs.
Robyn Quinn
Robyn divides her time not so equally between writing interesting tech and science stories and walking dachshunds. @PR4Science
V. S. Wells
V. S. Wells is a staff writer at the Georgia Straight. They also write a monthly column for Xtra Magazine about LGBTQ2S+ video games.
James Matthews 
Staff writer. Please get in touch on Twitter (@jimmermatthews) or send me an email:
Bulletin Board
The Vancouver Tech Journal Bulletin Board provides our founding and supporting partners an avenue to share stories and updates with the BC innovation community.
Allison Gacad 
Junior Staff Writer of the Vancouver Tech Journal. Tips: Tweets: @allisongacad
Guest Contributor
Vancouver Tech Journal selectively accepts outside contributions from industry professionals. To learn more, get in touch:
Paul Welsh
Paul Welsh is a VTJ contributor. A former community newspaper writer and editor, he’s spent the past 25 years as a Vancouver-based communications professional | |
Anthonia Ogundele
Anthonia Ogundele is founder at Ethọ́s Lab
Ray Walia
Ray founded Launch Ventures which owns and operates a network of proprietary accelerators, innovation labs and investment funds.
Rumneek Johal
Rumneek Johal is editor in chief of 5X Press
Emily Edwards
Media and content strategist based in Barcelona. Lover of the outdoors. Soccer player. Grammar nerd - fight me over em dashes and commas.
Bianca Weima
Bianca is a Vancouver-based contributer to VTJ.