Vancouver Canucks look to become NHL leaders in NFTs

In-house NFT lead would be first for an NHL team.

“Literally all of NFTs happened here in Vancouver—everything. It's crazy.” This insight came from Witek Radomski, CTO of cryptocurrency company Enjin, earlier this week. Though NFTs are as distinctly Vancouver as Stanley Park and the need for umbrellas from October to May, digital tokens have a while to go until NFT fandom rivals that of the Vancouver Canucks. All this may change with the newest addition to the Canucks’ front office—and no, it’s not the Sedin Twins


Details: The role, posted on July 5, would see the team add a Manager, NFT Strategy & Development to their Digital Marketing Department. As the name suggests, the hire will lead the Canucks’ foray into the NFT space. Strategy and content creation duties will be split between the quartet of teams under the Canucks Sports & Entertainment (CSE) umbrella. Two of the teams play physical sports while two compete in esports:

  • The National Hockey League’s Vancouver Canucks

  • The National Lacrosse League’s Vancouver Warriors

  • The OverWatch League’s Vancouver Titans

  • The Call of Duty League’s Seattle Surge

What particularly stands out in the job posting is the aim of positioning CSE as a leader in NFTs: “Create and foster strong business partnerships within the NFT and crypto community” plus “conduct research in respect of the digital currency ecosystem, as well as the evolving NFT space–ensure CSE steps into a leadership position in this category” are both listed as Essential Duties and Responsibilities. 

Why it matters: The Canucks are the only—of 31—NHL teams currently advertising an in-house NFT role. Not even the Silicon Valley-adjacent San Jose Sharks, who recently became the first NHL team to accept payments in cryptocurrency, have a listed position. 

NHL NFTs: With that said, a pair of teams have gone out-of-house to craft NFT campaigns. The New Jersey Devils were the first to do so. Then, the Washington Capitals launched an NFT collection that also included their National Basketball Association neighbors, the Washington Wizards. 

With a world leader in NFTs just down the road from the Canucks in Dapper Labs, it’s a curious move on the Canucks' part to not follow in the path set out by the Capitals and Devils. In April, when Major League Baseball entered into the NFT space by partnering with physical trading card manufacturer Topps, Dapper’s CEO Roham Gharegozlou was critical. 

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