Semios acquires Aussie agtech company, Agworld

For the third time in three months, Semios has gone to the farmer’s market and brought home a bundle of agtech, taking them from greenhouse to powerhouse.

BC-based Semios has acquired Australia-based Agworld, a data-driven farm management platform. The deal is the local agtech leader’s third acquisition in the last three months.


Why it matters: The international acquisition means that Semios and Agworld will form one of the largest independent agtech solution providers in the world to service growers, agronomists and ag retailers in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South Africa. 

“Through the acquisition of Agworld, Semios is furthering its commitment to simplifying the grower’s experience through leveraging technology to deliver critical insights,” said Dr. Michael Gilbert, CEO of Semios.

“Agworld and Semios offer farmers complementary solutions that are helping growers manage risk and optimize yields, more sustainably. For our customers, it will be business as usual. The true impact of our combined forces in the global agricultural industry will soon be realized through the increased velocity of our R&D efforts and getting new products to market, benefitting growers who are being tested by mother nature like never before,” Dr. Gilbert continued. 

Greenhouse: The newly-joined agtech team is committed to a simple yet powerful goal: take care of the technological side of agricultural operations so growers can focus on what they do best, growing.

“Empowering growers with data for better analysis, insight and action is at the core of what we do,” said Doug Fitch, CEO of Agworld.

“The agricultural industry has long demanded the benefits of managing their crops from start to finish with a single solution, which is why I’m so excited about this next step of the journey for both Agworld and Semios together. “The availability of important data to growers and their stakeholders for real-time decision-making through one platform is key to improving the sustainable performance of farming operations,” Fitch added.

Powerhouse: The Agworld deal is the latest in an aggressive growth plan for Semios. On June 8, they completed the acquisition—for an undisclosed price—of California-based Altrac, developers of an agriculture automation platform that enables farmers to monitor and control agricultural systems from their computer or mobile device.

Then on June 21, the company announced the acquisition of Wenatchee, Washington-based Centricity, a company specializing in data collection for agriculture. 

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