Camera-ready: Pixieset announces growth investment from Susquehanna Growth Equity

As part of the deal, Martin Angert, managing director at SGE, has joined Pixieset’s Board of Directors.

Pixieset Media Inc., a Vancouver-based SaaS company for photographers and creative professionals, announced a growth investment from Susquehanna Growth Equity (SGE), an entrepreneur-centric growth equity firm exclusively focused on software and information services companies. As part of the deal, Martin Angert, managing director at SGE, has joined Pixieset’s board of directors, which features co-founder and CEO Simon Wong alongside co-founder and COO Phoebe Jiang. 

The transaction marks Pixieset’s first outside institutional capital investment and occurs amid a substantial growth phase for the Company, which currently serves over 600,000+ users on its platform globally. The dollar figure for the investment was not disclosed.


Why it matters: Earlier this summer, Greg Smith, CEO of Thinkific—one of BC’s 10 unicorns from the year so far, pondered “Can The Creator Economy Help Democratize Entrepreneurship?

“Indeed, these new tools—and the ways of building community and doing business that they’ve engendered—are expanding possibilities for entrepreneurs traditionally left out of the fold. Around 50 million people now consider themselves creators, according to SignalFire, fostering a ‘creator economy’ now valued at more than $100 billion,” he wrote for Entrepreneur.

As a leader in the space, Pixieset is positioned to support this immense population of creators. The investment serves as a justification for the company’s mission and proves the power of the creator economy.  

Focus: Pixiset has remained committed to its mission to support photographers and creatives across the world as they launch and grow their businesses since the company’s founding in 2013. Later this year, Pixieset will continue to build out its product suite with the release of Studio Manager, an end-to-end business management solution to provide photographers and creatives with invoicing capabilities, contract and e-signatures, and other client management tools.

Viewfinder: SGE and Pixieset found a mutual appreciation of each other’s vision.

“SGE connected strongly with our vision to support and inspire photographers and creatives by equipping them with the capabilities and tools to grow their own photography business. We are thrilled to partner with SGE’s talented team as we seek to scale the products and services we provide to our clients worldwide while maintaining our unique focus on beautiful design, ease of use, and productivity,” Wong said.

“We are delighted to partner with Pixieset, which has firmly established itself as a go-to solutions provider for ambitious photographers and other creatives worldwide. With innovative options for expert to amateur photographers, we believe that Pixieset is well-positioned to lead this growing industry, and we look forward to working with Simon, Phoebe, and the team through their next phase of growth,” Angert said

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