“The future of real estate” arrives via LNG Studios

The Vancouver-based VR/AR studio launched a teaser video to conceptualize the technology they hope to create.

Local VR/AR outfit LNG Studios shared today a dazzling teaser video to showcase their concept for real estate. The video takes you through a day in the technologically augmented life of what real estate shopping, in LNG Studios’ eyes, should look like. 


Why it matters: While LNG Studios touts VR/AR as a “game-changer” for real estate, applications exist for a wide variety of industries. It feels as though we are on the precipice of widespread adoption. It’s even more exciting that these innovations are coming out of our backyard. 

Pacesetters: “As creators and innovators, we are always seeking to set the bar in our industry rather than just keep up. Our latest passion project is all about possibilities,” LNG Studios told the VR/AR Association. “This conceptual video showcases our vision for the future of real estate visualization and its symbiosis with Augmented Reality (AR). With this technology we foresee the home buying process becoming much more fluid, ultimately enriching the buyer’s experience, and providing confidence to make crucial decisions in a virtual world.”

The innovation needed:

Dan Burgar of Shape Immersive is a leader in Vancouver’s VR/AR community and a regular on our Clubhouse show, Vancouver Tech Morning Coffee. Like clockwork, he will mention, not unlike a kid on Christmas Eve, how he can’t wait for Apple to release their Apple AR Glasses. But, Dan’s excitement is certainly justified. Technology such as LNG’s would be greatly buoyed by Apple’s AR Glasses.