Great 8: The top Vancouver VC-backed digital health companies right now

These are the leading companies in the provider, patient, life science R&D and payer and public health categories.

Back in May, a local tech investor told me that COVID had enabled digital health to take a great leap forward. “I would say we’ve moved more in two months than probably in the last four to five years,” he explained. He’s not the only person who's tracked this year’s unprecedented rise in medtech adoption.

More recently, Cameron Burke, PwC Canada’s Vancouver-based managing director for technology, shared insights about the top-performing companies in Canada’s digital health space:

Demand for digital health continues to increase as health systems, practitioners, and consumers become comfortable using digital solutions. In PwC Canadas latest digital health market map with CB Insights, we look at the top 50+ VC backed companies that are disrupting the healthcare ecosystem.

8 Vancouver companies were noted as part of a cohort that has raised $1,001.8M USD in total disclosed equity funding to date. Here they are.

  1. GenXys Health Care Systems: Provides the world's most comprehensive precision prescribing solutions to solve healthcare's most pressing challenges.

  2. Precision OS: Provides orthopedic surgical education in virtual reality (VR).

  3. Clarius: Develops handheld wireless ultrasound scanners that connect to iOS and Android devices, delivering high-resolution ultrasound images.

  4. PAI Health: Provides a science-backed health score that measures the heart health impact of physical activity.

  5. Ayogo: Provides a behavioral support platform that creates value for innovative medical device and life sciences companies by helping patients successfully transition on to therapy.

  6. Aspect Biosystems: Combines the power of microfluidics and 3D bioprinting to create living, human tissues that will save lives and make people healthier.

  7. PHEMI: Provides NSA-grade privacy, security, governance, and data management system for Azure to control access to health data at scale.

  8. Abcellera: Provides industry-leading antibody discovery to push therapeutic programs forward and fight disease. Also, this.

Explore the complete Canadian Digital Health Market Map from PwC/CB Insights.