8 BC organizations were awarded Competitive Canadian Defence Contracts that will provide funding and insights to refine their innovations

The funding comes via the IDEaS program and totals over $2M.

The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces sought solutions to the challenges they face. A host of BC-based innovators answered the call and received funding for their efforts. 


Why it matters: This funding exemplifies a hopeful tech truth: the industry exists, in part, to pair solution seekers with solution providers. Further, the Canadian government supports made-in-Canada innovations while the innovators receive a compatriot customer and an opportunity to showcase their abilities. A win-win situation.

Details: 283 proposals were submitted to seven challenges from 210 different participants. 42 awards were dolled out. Of the organizations awarded, eight call BC home.

Better Than Meets The Eye: 

  • Vancouver’s Metaspectral won $229,982 for their project, decision support for maritime lookout using machine learning pattern recognition and augmented reality device.

  • Victoria’s Reach Technologies Inc. won $228,735 for their project, Marine Situational Awareness Enhancement System.

  • Kelowna’s Terra Sense Analytics Ltd. won $229,718 for their project, SeaMIST - Maritime Surveillance & Tracking with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Vancouver’s Xtract Technologies Inc. won $229,080 for their project, Enhancing maritime object detection using deep learning and augmented reality.

Next Chapter: The Transition Back to Civilian: 

  • Xtract also won $229,540 for their project, Centralized AI-powered information retrieval platform to help CAF members transition to civilian life.

  • The University of British Columbia won $193,372 for their project, Smart Choice: An Integrated Solution for In-Service CAF Members and Veterans' Career and Education Planning.

  • The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) won $229,752 for their project, National Advanced Placement & Prior Learning (N-APPL) - Advancement.

Knot Vulnerable: Locking Down Cybersecurity on Naval Vessels:

Armour Up! Modular Lightweight Armour for Land Vehicles:

Bright IDEaS: The awards stem out of the Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security program. Known as IDEaS, the program commits the Canadian government to $1.6 billion of investment in innovations for defence and security over the next 20 years.

IDEaS supports their chosen innovators not just financially but with support and guidance. Innovators receive the opportunity to consult with the military members for which they provide solutions, refine their innovations through various stages and test prototypes. 

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