Meet the people making waves in BC’s aquatech space

We all have lessons to learn from the innovators who make World Oceans Day every day.

To celebrate World Oceans Day, we reached out to BC-based innovators who are transfixed by our oceans, not just today but every day. This series of features will bring you along on the journeys of a few aquatech innovators in our backyard. Think of it as a limited series on Netflix. I hope you enjoy it. May you even have it high enough on your limited series power rankings that it rivals The Queen’s Gambit.


  1. How Plastic Bank went from 0 to 1B bottles recovered
    We caught up with David Katz to learn the origin of his company and entrepreneurial spirit.

  2. This.Fish is digitizing your seafood
    This Vancouver-based company is revolutionizing quality in aquaculture.

  3. Poseidon Ocean Systems wants fish to breathe better
    The Campbell River-based company is revolutionizing how aquaculture uses compressed air.

  4. Come hurricane or high water
    Open Ocean Robotics is leaving no ocean unmapped.