AR swim goggles startup FORM launches guided immersive workouts

The company has released a library of workouts, available through an annual or monthly subscription, similar to how Peloton or Apple Fitness+ works.

“Peloton for the pool” or Mirror for a mere—however you want to frame it, the new Guided Workouts feature from Vancouver’s FORM Smart Swim Goggles changes the game for water fitness.

FORM’s smart goggles display metrics like swim speed, distance, heart rate and time in real-time as a user swims, enabling swimmers to adapt while training and then review their performance data later through an app—a feature that Popular Mechanics recently wrote that “data junkies will love.”

As part of the Workouts feature rollout, the company has released a library of workouts, available through an annual or monthly subscription, similar to how Peloton or Apple Fitness+ works.

“Providing guided workouts to swimmers of all abilities is a massive next step in the evolution of the FORM Swim Experience,” said Dan Eisenhardt, founder and CEO of FORM. “Millions of swimmers go to the pool every week to swim without a team or a structured workout. We are fundamentally changing this. There is nothing like this in the market and we’re incredibly excited to make swimming so much more engaging and motivating.”

Eisenhardt, a life-long competitive swimmer, originally had the idea for swim goggles back in 2006 as a UBC student. But the necessary tech wasn’t yet available. Instead, he and a group started Recon Instruments Inc., a company that made ski and cycling goggles, that would eventually be acquired by Intel in 2015.

About a year later, he left Intel to pursue his original idea and the result is FORM. In that respect, the company’s goggles are fundamentally a product built for swimmers through the vision of an actual swimmer.

So how do the workouts work? In the FORM Swim App, swimmers can find and select the right workouts for their ability or goals. For example, each workout has an explanation of the sets, drills (with tutorials), stroke types and intensities, and lists any equipment needed for each session so swimmers will always know what to do and how to do it. Swimmers can download multiple workouts that are then stored on their FORM goggles.

Once they begin to swim, the FORM goggles display will guide swimmers through workouts instructing them and showing them their real-time swim data. When the swimmer completes a workout, it saves automatically and syncs to the FORM app, so they can see their progress and identify areas of improvement.

“It’s one thing to have a coach on the pool deck, but having one on-demand and guiding you through your workouts is next level,” said Lionel Sanders, four-time IRONMAN champion and professional athlete. “FORM has been a game-changer for swimmers, and now having these intuitive workouts really has made swimming more accessible for everyone, no matter their fitness level or experience in the pool.”

The FORM Workouts membership will be available to purchase through the FORM Swim App, with monthly membership at $19.99 or annual membership at $179.99 ($14.99/month).

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