Visualping, which tracks website changes (like open vaccination spots), raises $2 million

60,000 people from across the US are leveraging the service to track COVID vaccine appointments, according to CEO Serge Salager.

Visualping, a Vancouver startup that’s developed a tool that people use to track changes to websites, has raised $2 million. The round was led by Mistral Ventures (a Canadian fund that just raised $50m) and N49P.

The company’s product — which includes a browser extension and a forthcoming mobile app — alerts users when a web page of their choice changes. The system sends a email to the user when a change is detected and it attaches a screenshot of the page with a highlight of the change. The six year old service was founded by Serge Salager, a serial entrepreneur and former investor.

There are currently 1.5 million users in the platform and people from 200,000 companies including 85% of Fortune 500 companies.

As Vancouver Tech Journal wrote on February 7, Visualping has many use cases for both consumers and businesses. Consumers use the service for out of stocks, house or job hunting, price change monitoring, social media stalking. Business use Visualping to monitor competitors, changes in law, trading applications, news gathering etc. In addition, users might use it to monitor when concert tickets go on sale; similarly, a job hunter could track changes to a company’s careers page and get notified when a new job is posted.

“The most interesting use case, however, is people using it to track COVID vaccine appointments,” Salager told me over email. “We currently have 60,000 people from across the US doing so.”

The novel use of the product has been garnering signficant attention across the U.S. and round the world, with coverage coming from NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Politico, and The Telegraph in the UK.