The Techies: The best from a busy budget week

The tweets you may have missed amongst a hectic 72 hours.

All iPhone users know the feeling. The relative calm of a Sunday morning is broken by an unwelcome notification: a stark reminder of the previous week known as the Screen Time Report. 

If you do know this feeling, now is likely the best time to plug our Clubhouse show, Vancouver Tech Morning Coffee, currently (but not forever!) on the iOS-powered panel platform. 

If you don’t know this feeling—or how joyous it is to start your Tuesday workday with something from William’s record collection—be thankful you’re not going to receive a judgy notification come Sunday. This was a week to stare at a screen. Screen Time Report be damned. 

Amidst all the hoopla this week—or perhaps creating the hoopla—were a pair of budgets. First was the Federal budget coming just after lunch on Monday. 

Best photojournalism

Best somebody think of the journalists!

Luckily, William was not one of these journalists. He emerged in the shape of an accordion resembling a character from a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Once unwound, he read (I’m sure) every single word in the 700+ page document. After he could read it, of course. 

Best mood

A glutton for punishment, William was back at it again on Tuesday. Roughly 24 hours after the Ottawa unveiling, it was Victoria’s turn. The budget itself was underwhelming.

Best same energy

Best reaction gif

Best are you forgetting anything?

Joining William in reviewing the budget was, amongst others, the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. They even crafted a report card. Despite an overall B- grade, Competitiveness received a C+.

Best C(+)s Get Degrees

If the Vancouver Tech Clubhouse room were to grade the budget, an F seems the likely score. A panel discussion, which turned spicy at times, spent the better part of an hour admonishing the BC Budget. The chat resembled the divine for some. 

Best hallelujah!

A panellist on that Clubhouse chat, BC Tech Association President & CEO Jill Tipping, set the tone before the chat even happened, tweeting a timeline that appears a little top heavy. This may just be recency bias, I can’t help but think something has happened between 2014 and present day in “The Emerging Economy.” 

Best 15th century innovation 

With the cheat sheets published and report cards graded, we can put a bow on what feels like a week to end all weeks. Commentators would be hard-pressed to call the pair of budgets unanimous victories for the tech community. But as we’ve seen over the past year, tech and innovation thrive in uncertain times. Plus, Tech Twitter and Tech Clubhouse will always have the industry’s back.