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"Administrative work is the fine print of a job description that no one wants to be doing." - Kris Hartvigsen, CEO of

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Dooly, a Vancouver startup that uses AI to help sales professionals reduce the time they spend on administrative work, announced it raised $26 million to scale its platform.

The problem: Salespeople spend only 34 per cent of their day selling, resulting in lost revenue for the business they work for and loss of income for salespeople themselves.

  • Companies’ customer relationship management (CRM) tools don’t often align with the way salespeople operate—rapid note-taking, the need to quickly access critical information during a high-pressure calls, etc. Because of this, sales professionals, unfortunately, find themselves bogged down in busy work.

Dooly’s solution: They’re solving this problem through a connected workspace that aligns to salespeople’s workflows by taking the notes they input into their system and syncing them to key internal tools like Salesforce (CRM) and Slack (internal messaging). Just imagine a savvy artificial intelligence (AI) system that takes all the info you feed it and organizes it exactly where it belongs—and then surfaces it when you need it most. “We created a single pane of glass that’s incredibly user-friendly that allows salespeople to just interact with it,” Kris Hartvigsen, Dooly’s CEO, once explained. The company says they’ll use the new funding for talent and product development.

Bananatag, the Kelowna- and Vancouver-based provider of internal communications software, announced its merger with Germany’s Staffbase.

The new joint company will have 450 employees at 11 global locations and will serve 1,000 customers. Why the merger? Let’s look at the two companies:

  • Bananatag’s software enables companies to collaborate to design, distribute, and measure email communication, as well as send and schedule messages on Microsoft Teams and Slack.

  • Staffbase has built a mobile-first platform to help organizations reach their employees, no matter where they are, through an employee app and intranet.

1 plus 1 = 3: The new company aims to more fully connect workplaces through faster and easier-to-use integrated communication products and provide an end-to-end platform for employee communications. “Together with Staffbase, we’re realizing the vision of creating a one-stop-shop platform for internal communication,” says Bananatag co-founder and CTO Isaac Oslund.

  • Goodbye B.C. tech: As part of the merger, the new company will operate under the Staffbase brand. RIP ‘Bananatag’ :(

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