Switchboard recruits relish opportunity to help tell world-changing tech stories

With clients in cleantech, agtech, fintech and martech, every day is a learning experience.

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As two of Switchboard Public Relations’ newest team members, Jamil Karim and Leann Yutuc are adept at solving problems through collaboration. In their former roles with Innovate BC and Inventa Sales & Promotions, the pair’s bold ideas and hard work helped push their employers to new heights. 

But there’s one problem no amount of hard work, collaboration and idea-generation can solve: The BC-Washington land border remains closed to Canadian leisure travellers through October 21, and Jamil and Leann both have tickets to the Seattle Seahawks game on October 5.

“Sometimes you just have to laugh about these things,” says Jamil, Switchboard’s newly promoted Director of Business Development & Client Services. “Growing up I always wanted to be a ‘Hawks season-ticket holder, and now that I am one I can’t use the tickets!”

Then again, Switchboard’s virtual office can feel more action-packed than any NFL game. “Every day is so different,” Jamil says. “Whether we’re working our connections to help break a story about the new Canadian Workplace Culture Index, or making sure that CubicFarms’ local chain ag-tech gets the global media attention it deserves, seeing hard work lead to big wins is hugely satisfying. We have clients in cleantech, ag-tech, fintech and martech, and they’re all led by subject-matter experts. Every day is a learning experience, so there’s never a dull moment.”

For Leann, who joined Switchboard as a Senior Consultant in July, the move is providing a look “behind the curtain.” While leading the Inventa team that produced the Technology Impact Awards for the BC Tech Association, she realized that announcing the finalists, prepping for filming, and diving deep into finalist stories were the parts of her job that excited her most. “Sharing and helping to tell compelling tech stories was just a small part of my day-to-day, and now with Switchboard it’s my entire job!”

Jamil and Leann are both looking forward to this fall’s TIAs gala like never before. “If it does turn out to be the first big in-person tech event post-pandemic – fingers and toes crossed on that one – everybody will want to go,” Leann says. “So it’ll be a real who's-who of the tech ecosystem.”

Adds Jamil, “there’s no better way to plug into the community, because everyone in the B.C. tech sector knows everyone else. Back in the day there were industry events every night, and I’m really hoping we can get back to that post-COVID.”

Until then, the pair will continue to relish the rush of contributing to innovative projects that are having a real and meaningful impact. “I’m optimistic about the future because of all the cool tech companies we’re working with,” Jamil says. “Their tech is profitable, sure, but it’s also changing the game for the better in areas like agriculture, health care and education. We’re working with CEOs who are deeply invested in and passionate about their companies, and together we're helping to change the world from our own little corner of B.C.” 

Jamil Karim can be reached at jamil@switchboardpr.com, and Leann Yutuc at leann@switchboardpr.com. If you’re interested in a career with Switchboard’s fast-growing team, please email hello@switchboardpr.com or visit switchboardpr.com/careers.

Sponsored content: The Vancouver Tech Journal Bulletin Board provides our founding and supporting partners an avenue to share stories and updates with the BC innovation community.