#Shipped: New products from Later, Apollo and BlocPal

A snapshot of who's shipping what in Vancouver tech.

The semi-regular #Shipped column rounds up the latest product news in the ecosystem. Just shipped something? Send us a note at william@vantechjournal.com.

Later launches new TikTok integration

You may not know this, but Roger Patterson, the CEO of social media marketing platform Later, is a big fan of TikTok. “I love how the platform allows creators to collaborate globally and produce works of art together that are greater than the sum of their parts,” he recently shared on LinkedIn.

Why the TikTok love? His company just announced a new integration with the platform.

“With over one billion monthly users (and counting!) TikTok is great for reaching new audiences. But without a TikTok scheduler, it can be difficult to consistently post content that resonates with your ideal customer. With Later’s TikTok Scheduling tool, you can streamline your workload, save time, and schedule your TikToks in advance,” according to a company blog post.

The new feature is available not only on Later paid plans—but also on its free plan.

Founded as the first-to-market Instagram scheduler in 2014, Later (formerly Latergramme) has grown from a simple Instagram tool to the #1 visual marketing platform for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. TikTok next?

APOLLO and Chroma to offer digital insurance to tenants and landlords

Vancouver’s APOLLO Insurance, one of Canada’s top online insurance providers, has partnered with Chroma Property Technologies Inc., to offer digital insurance products, tailored to tenants and landlords, directly from Chroma’s platform.

APOLLO’s proprietary technology platform, the APOLLO Exchange, transacts insurance business in real time, and leverages extensive data and sophisticated algorithms to quote, collect payment, create and deliver policies. Thousands of types of small businesses and individuals are able to buy online without human intervention.

APOLLO launched in 2019, and now offers the largest selection of online insurance in Canada through brokers and embedded partnerships like the one with Chroma. Earlier this year, APOLLO announced the close of a $13.5 million Series A financing round.

BlocPal and OneFeather launch OneFeather APP to make digital banking more accessible to Indigenous Peoples

Currently, there are approximately two million Indigenous Peoples in Canada, with 15% of the population being unbanked. Furthermore, over 44% of Indigenous Peoples live on reserves, making it difficult for them to access traditional financial institutions and services.

In response, BlocPal International Inc., a digital transaction company that integrates blockchain and payment processing solutions to make financial services more affordable and accessible, and OneFeather, a national leader in dedicated Indigenous banking solutions, have announced the launch of a new digital banking application—the OneFeather APP.

With the launch of this digital banking application, Indigenous communities will now have access to banking solutions, digital voting, and First Nations Status Card renewals all in one digital wallet.

“Our goal at BlocPal is to continue to increase financial inclusivity in the communities who need it most,” said Nick Mellios, CEO of BlocPal. “Having the ability not only to be an investor but a strategic partner with OneFeather has helped attain this goal of affordable banking solutions and has helped increase accessibility for Canadian Indigenous communities.”

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