🎧 The state of Vancouver's tech scene

And what happens when entrepreneurs exit and then re-invest into the ecosystem.

How did Vancouver Tech Journal get its start? What makes Vancouver a great place to build a startup? Why do we need to give research institutions more credit for BC-developed innovation? These are just a sample of the topics I get into on the latest episode of the Mind Your Biz podcast with host Mehul Gandhi.

In a 45-minute show, we cover a lot of ground, including:

  • The state of Vancouver’s tech ecosystem

  • The province’s wide-ranging suite of tech startup support programs (e.g. Innovate BC)

  • How much funding startups have raised this year

  • What happens when entrepreneurs exit and then re-invest into the ecosystem (e.g. Rhino Ventures)

  • The benefits of corporate venture capital (e.g. Telus Ventures)

  • Why the province is experiencing such a massive talent crunch (and remedies)

  • The importance of Vancouver’s digital skills academies (e.g. BrainStation and Lighthouse Labs)

  • Brain Drain 2.0 (a concept from the Council of Canadian Innovators)

  • Why government should be transforming every industry into the tech industry

  • Areas where the BC government deserves credit (e.g. investing in skills training)

  • The crazy story of Mike Rowe and his battle with Microsoft

  • The Vancouver innovation ecosystem guide

  • Why some of the best people to learn from are those that are just a step ahead of you

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