NVBC 2021: The 10 most promising BC tech startups

The New Ventures BC Competition announced its top 10 ventures. Here’s a line on why each one is a favourite to win.

After kicking off the competition with over 200 companies, the 21st Annual New Ventures BC Competition, presented by Innovate BC, is down to its final 10.

And instead of just sharing the top 10 list with you, we’re also sharing a line on why we think each competing venture could actually win.

This year’s top 10 is made up of companies from a variety of industries, including healthtech, cleantech, proptech, and martech. Plus, half of the remaining companies—Moment Energy, Pocketed, Simply Rooted Media, Total Flow Cannula, and TrafficDriven Technologies—are led by female-founders.


What they do: LetHub is an AI leasing platform for rental property managers and landlords that takes care of prospect communication without hiring staff. 

What makes them favourites: Not only is founder Faizan Ali Khan tackling an industry ripe for disruption (real estate), he has the added advantage of being a third-time entrepreneur, which, according to research, substantially increases his odds of success.


What they do: Matidor eliminates challenges to collaboration and visibility in the energy and environmental sector by consolidating all key project information on one intuitive, map-based dashboard.

What makes them favourites: It’s not the first competition rodeo for the Y Combinator-backed startup, which was also selected as the runner-up for TechCrunch’s prestigious Startup Battlefield competition.

Moment Energy

What they do: Using retired EV batteries, Moment Energy develops energy storage systems (ESS) ranging from 100kWh – 5MWh for ongrid and offgrid applications.

What makes them favourites: Not only can they count Nissan as a major partner, the startup has already received 13 awards and prizes, including a recent $100,000 haul in Spring Activator’s 2021 National Impact Investor Challenge.


What they do: Pocketed helps businesses easily access billions of dollars in grants and tax credits with their intelligent matching platform and marketplace for non-dilutive funding. 

What makes them favourites: The product was built in at lightning speed (14 weeks) and has seen growth at a similar clip with over 50 strategic alliances with accelerators, incubators, and boards of trade, 10x user growth from Alpha to Beta with over 1,000 current users, and a USA pilot in collaboration with e-commerce funding unicorn Clearco.


What they do: RightMetric is a subscription-based insights company that helps marketing strategists find what’s already working across the digital landscape by giving them access to data-backed research, expert best practices, and proven playbooks; all delivered in an easily searchable and quickly consumable format.

What makes them favourites: Consider CEO Charlie Grinnell’s corporate pedigree—stints at Arc'teryx Equipment Inc., Red Bull and Aritzia—and it’s no wonder his company has been able to generate several million in revenue and name-brand clients like Lululemon and Interac, among many others.

Simply Rooted Media

What they do: Rootd is currently the number one ranked mobile app on Android and iOS for individuals struggling with panic attacks and anxiety.

What makes them favourites: Building sustainable businesses are about providing real solutions to real problems, and quite simply, Rootd is a highly-rated solution to a problem that affects more than 40 million people in Canada and the United States alone.

Streamline Athletes

What they do: Streamline Athletes is a data-driven collegiate sports recruitment platform that supports both student-athletes in their journey from high school to college or university and the coaches recruiting new athletes for their rosters.

What makes them favourites: If Streamline can capture even a slice of the $83.1 billion North American sports market—or of the $500 billion global market—it is sure to be a juggernaut.

Total Flow Cannula

What they do: Total Flow is developing novel medical devices to prevent injury to patients requiring extracorporeal circulation: the use of a heart-lung machine.  

What makes them favourites: A CDL graduate and e@UBC participant with an oversubscribed pre-seed round that’s taking on a $1 billion health problem is surely a venture to watch.

TrafficDriven Technologies

What they do: Traffic Driven is building an AI-powered auction platform that enables buying, selling, and trading cars. 

What makes them favourites: While TrafficDriven is tackling a sector ripe for major disruption, their biggest advantage might be the fact that within their ranks, they already have someone who’s won the whole darn competition.

Train Fitness

What they do: Train Fitness is the first wearable workout tracker capable of automatically detecting sets and reps during a strength-based workout.

What makes them favourites: With a first-of-a-kind product that harnesses AI and Apple Watch (with its 47.9% smartwatch market share), and taps into the $265.4 billion global wearables market, how can you bet against them?


What happens next?

In the fourth and final round, each of the 10 companies will pitch to a judging panel of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investors for a chance to win $250,000 in cash and prizes.

This year our judges are:

  • Alexandra Greenhill, Founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer, Careteam Technologies

  • Andy Edelmeier, President, Braemar West Capital

  • David Shore, NVBC Jury Chair, Co-founder Moj.io and CodeZero Technologies

  • Julien Sellgren, Founder, Breakout Analytics, and past NVBC Competition Winner (Metalogix, 2002)

  • Maria Pacella, Senior VP, Private Investments, PenderFund Capital Management

  • Natalie Dakers, Entrepreneur, Founding CEO of Accel-Rx, CDRD, and Neuromed Technologies

  • Rasool Rayani, Angel Investor and past NVBC Competition Winner (Metalogix, 2002)

  • Rochelle Grayson, Program Advisor/ Industry Chair: Digital Leadership Program, UBC

  • Thealzel Lee, Founder, Director, and President, E-Fund (VANTEC)

  • Zach Jonasson, Managing Partner, Phoenix Venture Partners

Want to see who wins $250,000 in cash and prizes? Join the livestreamed Competition Awards on October 4, 2021 at 5pm PDT.

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