Letter to Evo's product managers

Here are our ideas for improving the Evo iOS app.

The latest car share news in our inbox is:

Evo can now park in meter spots within the city of Vancouver - for free! As part of a pretty cool pilot with the city of Vancouver, we’re making Evo even more flexible to meet your needs.

Vancouverites can now end trips in:

  • Meter spots in the City of Vancouver Home zone (unless marked 'no stopping' during specific times)

  • Designated Evo-only spots on street and in lots

  • Residential + Permit only Spots

  • Non Restricted 2 Hour parking

To be sure, this is incredible news. But what would make this even better—both for consumers as well as Evo’s bottom line—is if the Evo app actually worked properly more than 50% of the time. We have a few ideas for how BCAA can improve it. You can read them all on Twitter through a 14 tweet thread: