Jessie Adcock’s LinkedIn 'rules of engagement' are the best we've seen

Read how the Vancouver tech and government executive chooses to connect on the world's largest professional network

“As I adapt to how LinkedIn is evolving and the growing number of connection requests from people who want to create virtual networks but don't have personal history,” Adcock writes. “I've adopted some personal usage principles:”

1. Connections do not equal endorsements.
2. My LinkedIn inbox is not regularly monitored.
3. I do not reply to sales emails.
4. For speaking, mentorship, media and research requests, please try to request well in advance of deadlines because of #2
5. Due to the high volume of requests I receive, I have elected to accept most connection requests provided there is some common ground between us. Please note #3.

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Before the City of Vancouver, Adcock was a digital banking executive with HSBC.