Creative BC, Arts Council invest $607,500 into 12 BC companies

The funding, through the Interactive Fund Partnership, supports companies to develop original, creative, interactive digital media and software projects.

The BC Arts Council and Creative BC recently announced the recipients of their Interactive Fund partnership. This year, the program will support 12 BC companies with $607,500 to develop original, creative, interactive digital media and software projects.

The Interactive Fund was created to support the production of high-quality, original, interactive digital media projects, content and software applications owned and controlled by BC societies, companies or individuals.

“The Interactive Fund showcases the exceptional range of talent in B.C.’s interactive and digital media industry, and positions recipients to expand the boundaries of creative media,” said Prem Gill, CEO of Creative BC, in a statement.

Project themes this year span from equity-focused community building apps to poetry, nature and art-focused applications. 

The successful recipients this year, as described on the Creative BC website, include:

  1. Afro Van Connect, Ariemei, Vancouver ($50,000)

The Ariemei App connects people of African descent to Black-owned businesses, resources and culturally relevant content in their local community. All users will have access to essential content based on their location and interests. Due to lack of access to virtual spaces and resources many African-descent youth are unaware of the importance of cyber education, data privacy, and tech solutions that can empower them as they navigate digital spaces.

  1. Angelic Poversky, (Trans)gender Expression Haven, Richmond ($50,000)

The (Trans)gender Expression Haven is a virtual performance art venue for transgender, non-binary, Two Spirit, and intersex artists. The project will exhibit, promote, and showcase the creative work of trans+ artists within B.C. and Canada, through the curation of an art game and virtual performance space.

  1. Dandilion Wind Opaine, DandiDoesIt, Live Performance Video Game, Vancouver ($50,000)

DandiDoesIt is one of the world’s first live performance video games, integrating extended reality and remote-controlled gameplay by its users through Twitch.

  1. Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, The Poetry Phone, Vancouver ($10,000)

As Vancouver’s first on-demand poetry hotline, callers can dial 1-833-POEMS-4-U to listen to poetry recordings provided by 10 local writers, by pressing 0 to 9 to listen to different poems, bringing a new and accessible format of uplifting entertainment to anyone who has felt the social isolation this past year has brought.

  1. Go2Productions Inc., Grief Therapy, Vancouver ($50,000)

Grief Therapy is an interactive project for children working through bereavement. Guided by licensed therapists, and in a peer group setting, bereaved children will use large format projected games to help them go through the process of coming to terms with loss.

  1. Impact VR Media Ltd., The Interactive Forest, Vancouver ($54,000)

The Interactive Forest is an Immersive educational Dome experience in which audiences explore irreplaceable ancient forest ecosystems, to understand their significance and key threats to their survival.

  1. Kreis Experiences Inc., “Launchpad to Imagination”, Vancouver ($50,000)

The experience is manifested in the form of an immersive world designed around consuming VR narrative content as their creators intended. Conceptually designed to be a launchpad to imagination it enables visitors to travel inside the world of a film festival and be transformed as they embark on voyages to worlds of narrative and culture.

  1. Museum of Other Realities, The Canadian Collection, Vancouver ($50,000)

The Canadian Collection is a virtual installation that presents the best of Canadian immersive art, and sits in a bespoke virtual venue designed to reimagine the selected pieces, share stories behind the productions, and augment the visitor experience.

  1. Oridian Entertainment, Whisper Walks, Vancouver ($100,000)

Whisper Walks is an AR-enhanced, location-based adventure game for smart mobile devices. It takes the form of a magical interactive experience for kids and families, bringing fantastic stories, appealing characters, and delightful gameplay to life directly in nature.

  1. Podyssey Podcasts, Podyssey Podcasts, Vancouver ($50,000)

Podyssey Podcasts is an interactive web and mobile social network where podcast listeners discover and discuss their favorite podcasts with each other and podcast creators.

  1. Sonderlust Studios, Unannounced Narrative Strategy Game ($43,500)

Sonderlust Studios is creating an unconventional narrative simulation strategy game. Set in a solarpunk near future, this currently unannounced title will redefine what emergent narrative and consequential decisions mean for players of sim-strategy games.

  1. Vancouver International Sculpture Biennale, Vancouver Biennale Exhibition App, Vancouver ($50,000)

The Vancouver Biennale Exhibition App provides an easy-to-access, scalable exhibition experience that includes interactive exploration of their public art installations, interactive walking and cycling tours of the exhibition, and new virtual and augmented reality experiences. 

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