EN4S is Vancouver's alliance of advocates for green entrepreneurship

Gathering fresh and bright minds for tackling sustainable energy issues.

Entrepreneurs for Sustainability, or EN4S ("Enforce") is a month-long series of events gathering fresh and bright minds for tackling sustainable energy issues. Organized by BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA), the events take place in Vancouver, September & October 2019.

The month will begin with a meet and greet, where you’ll get to know your fellow EN4S participants, and you can start thinking of who might be a great addition to your team. The meet and greet will not only provide you with the opportunity to get to know potential teammates, but it will also offer you the chance to form connections across multiple industries.

As the month progresses, you will be an attendee of numerous other events, some centered on idea development, while others will be focused on developing skills that will be transferable to a future career or the creation of your own start-up.

The month will wrap up with a hackathon that will put your skills to work and help you to grow.

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