Dooly CEO on partnerships: "You can't make withdrawals without making deposits."

Kris Hartvigsen on why you can't "ask one side to do all the work."

Kris Hartvigsen, founder and CEO of Vancouver-based Dooly, writing on LinkedIn:

True partnerships take work - they're more like a bank account. You can't make withdrawals without making deposits.

Don't ask one side to do all the work - even if you're the bigger player in the partnership.

If you think that signing up a partner to your ecosystem and throwing their logo on your site is a partnership, you're doing it wrong. Seek opportunities to collaborate. Push your team to co-sell. Win together. Lose together.

Equally, if you're the company throwing your logo up on their site and aren't busting your butts to show value, you're no better! Overcome roadblocks. Work with the reps. Help them win. Translate your story into their selling language. Show the multiplier effect.

Don't make your tech alliances "marriages of convenience." Make them worth something. If you aren't seeing value...move on or step it up!

Hartvigsen’s company helps sales teams automate busywork. To hear more of his insights, watch his TechVancouver appearance with Unbounce’s senior director of sales and on boarding, Jane Van Sickle, where they talk about the Top Skill in Business (and Life): Sales.