Europe's Dialectica to open Vancouver office and create 100 jobs

The company plans to hire at least 500 Canadians across the country in the next three to five years.

Dialectica, a global information services firm, announced that it will create more than 500 jobs in Canada over the next three to five years. In addition, the European-founded company, which set up operations in Quebec a year ago, has also opened a new office in Vancouver and plans to hire 100 people here over the next three years.

The firm believes that tapping Canada as its home base for the Americas will enable it to capture a greater share of the total addressable market for ‘expert networks’, its primary business, which is estimated to be more than $1.5 billion.

“The timing has never been better to advance our global expansion strategy with a growing team on the ground in Montreal, and a new office opening in Vancouver,” said George Tsarouchas, CEO and co-founder of Dialectica. “This move enables us to deliver on our promise to help business professionals around the world make better and faster business decisions.”


The company chose Montreal as its initial gateway for expansion in 2020. Initially, seven people moved from Dialectica’s office in Greece to Montreal at that time to help kick-start its Canadian operation. Now the company has more than 100 employees there who have been hired locally, with recruitment plans underway to add another 100 people to that office by next summer.

“When we chose Montreal as our first office outside of Europe, there were several factors that influenced our decision: a supportive immigration system, cultural and linguistic diversity, access to top notch talent from world leading universities, and a young and engaged talent pool,” said Maggie Da Prato, head of talent for Dialectica.

In Vancouver, Dialectica can tap into a city with similar features.

Plus, the company also chose Vancouver as its second Canadian office as it’s in the same time zone as many other business hubs that can benefit from Dialectica’s services; has a thriving technology ecosystem; and offers a great quality of life that may be attractive to young professionals from other Dialectica office locations, the company said. With Dialectica’s aggressive hiring plans and focus on new graduates, proximity to some of the best Canadian universities was also a factor in the decision to open an office in Vancouver.

The company is actively recruiting graduates with business and other degrees from leading universities across Canada to fill new positions in Montreal and Vancouver. Relocation packages are also provided to Canadians who would like to move to Montreal or Vancouver, the company said.