David Shepheard has left his role as Vancouver Film Commissioner and joined Martini Film Studios as vice president

Shepheard served as Vancouver's first-ever Film Commissioner for nearly five years.

David Shepheard, director of creative economy at the Vancouver Economic Commission and Vancouver Film Commissioner since 2016, has joined major Netflix partner Martini Film Studios (MFS) in the role of vice president.

Rumours of what Shepheard’s next job could be have been swirling since the executive resigned from VEC in late June. He confirmed yesterday in a post on LinkedIn that he’s joining the Langley-based MFS, a major Netflix partner. “It's such an important moment with the expansion of the studio business and further building the brand, under the inspirational leadership of Gemma Martini and working alongside the amazing George August Patterson,” he wrote. “Lots of exciting projects on the slate, so stay tuned.”


As Vancouver Film Commissioner, Shepheard was responsible for driving the growth and innovation in Vancouver’s physical film production industry. Before he moved to Vancouver from London in late 2016, Shepheard ran the Film Commission services for Film London, the Capital’s media development agency.

Prior to joining Film London, he was CEO of Open House Films in the UK, a consultancy partnership specializing in developing strategies, film commissions and media development agencies at city, regional and state levels across the globe.

The film, television, VFX and animation industries are a major economic contributor to BC, generating $4.1 billion in spending in 2019, according to the Vancouver Economic Commission’s annual film industry research report.

Metro Vancouver is the third-largest film hub in North America, behind New York and LA, and is the largest production hub in Canada by a significant margin.

Despite all film production shuttering in March of 2020, film and TV shoots have now surpassed pre-pandemic production levels, according to multiple reports. “The encouraging position for us is since the restart happened, the amount of production is at a higher peak than any period we saw in 2019,” outgoing commissioner Shepheard told The Hollywood Reporter in October.

Martini Film Studios first opened in Metro Vancouver in 2017 with warehouse-to-studio converted facilities. In September of 2019, MFS announced that it would construct Canada’s largest studio complex in Langley, BC, a facility that would triple its production capacity and increase film stock in the region by up to 15%.

As part of MFS’ close relationship with Netflix, it has helped to make productions like the Chilling Adventures of SabrinaAnother Life and the television spin-off of Snowpiercer.

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