Commit raises $6M seed round to connect engineers and startups

Commit has the potential to play a unique role in uniting talented engineers and the startups they want to work for, regardless of geography.

Today Greg Gunn and Beier Cai—former Hootsuite employees—publicly launched Commit, a platform to connect senior developers to startup opportunities, with $6 million in seed funding.

Why it matters: As the global pandemic has accelerated the trend towards remote-first work, a platform like Commit has the potential to play a unique role in uniting talented engineers and startups they want to work for regardless of geography.

“Now is the time to decouple opportunity from geography,” said Gunn, CEO of Commit, in a release. “This last year has proven that developers don’t need to go back to the office. Both Beier and I know all too well how hard it is to build a tech career outside of Silicon Valley. The opportunities have been biased towards those who can afford to relocate. We started Commit to help the world’s best engineers start and accelerate remote-first careers.”

The pair believe that by eliminating the constraints of co-location, Commit can increase access to the best tech jobs even for developers outside of tech hubs. “Not only is this the right thing to do, it will exponentially increase the rate of innovation in the world,” said Gunn.

Pedigree: Commit was founded in 2019 by Cai (CTO), who wrote the first line of code at Hootsuite, and Gunn (CEO), who built businesses sold to eBay and launched Hootsuite’s go-to-market strategy.

More details: The launch today was fueled by an over-subscribed $6 million seed round which was reportedly preempted by Commit’s own customers—the majority of whom are Canadian technical founders. The company already has a roster of more than 50 high-profile startups that want to work with Commit engineers, including Dapper Labs, Certn, Procurify, Patch, and Georgian Partners.

Commit has worked with 100 engineers so far and the seed funds will be used to 10x the number of engineers on the platform in the next 12 months, and continue to build and invest in their programs. Commit is not just a matchmaking service. The platform provides peer-to-peer support and career development resources, including coaching and transition services.

Zoom out: Recent data shows that 49% of millennials and Gen Z—the majority of the workforce—would rather quit than return to the office full-time. Software engineers are well-positione to be the default remote profession, and Commit is at the forefront of this transition. 

Action items: Interested Engineers can join the waitlist at today.