Cheatsheet: Significant digits from the Digital Technology Supercluster's latest Investment Report

21 data points worth knowing from the June 2021 document.

On the heels of the Digital Technology Supercluster’s latest major announcement (a $20 million project with lululemon, Microsoft and other partners), we wanted to quickly note the significant digits in the innovation consortium’s most recent Investment Report published in June 2021.

Here’s what casual observers may be curious to know about the most active innovation supercluster (of five) in the country.

  • 3 - How many years it took the group to grow its membership from 31 to nearly 1,000 members across Canada. With the majority of members in BC, nearly half of members are from other parts of Canada, including Canada's northern territories and seven First Nations communities.

  • 450 - How many applications were submitted to tap into the Supercluster’s COVID-19 Program, which mobilized Canadian industry, public sector, academia, innovators and non-profits to develop digital solutions to tackle challenges emerging and evolving through the pandemic.

  • $1.4B  - The value of applications submitted for the COVID-19 Program.

  • 33 - How many COVID-19 Program projects have been funded.

  • $85M - Total investments into COVID-19 Program projects.

  • 40% - The portion of the organization’s total investments committed to COVID-19 Program projects.

  • 19 - How many Capacity Building Program projects have been funded.

  • $40.5M - Total investments into Capacity Building Program projects.

  • 29 - How many Technology Leadership Program projects have been funded.

  • $182M - Total investments into Technology Leadership Program projects.

  • 80% - The percentage of members that are private sector organizations.

  • $300M - The value of the Supercluster portfolio, up from $200 million in October 2020.

  • 53% - The percentage of co-investment in projects coming from SMEs. Large companies constitute 26% of co-investment and the remaining co-investment came from academic and research organizations, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations.

  • 70% - The percentage of funding that goes to SMEs. The remaining funding has been nearly split between research institutions and government, and large organizations.

  • 350+ - Organizations participating in Supercluster projects out of nearly 1,000 members.

  • 8 - The average number of organizations participating in an individual project. 

  • 100 - The number of products and services developed by Supercluster project teams.

  • 350 - The number of intellectual property (IP) assets created through projects.

  • 2 - How many years ahead of schedule the organization committed its full initial fund.

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