These are the 3 B.C. tech companies chosen for the C100 2021 Fellows Cohort

Hailing from Vancouver and Squamish, the companies span the construction, customer and data management, and dating industries.

Faber, Snack and Penny are the three B.C.-based technology companies selected for the C100 Fellowship program (rebranded from 48Hrs in the Valley).

This year’s program is a reboot and expansion of the old program, which aims to connect Canada’s most promising early-stage entrepreneurs to Canadian leaders in tech globally.

Learn more about the B.C. companies taking part below.

Faber Technologies

  • Leader(s): Sebastian Jacob (co-founder and CEO) and John Reid (co-founder and CRO)

  • Location: Vancouver, B.C.

  • About the company: Faber plays a disruptive role in the construction-labour industry by seamlessly connecting construction firms to the specific and varied skilled labour resources they demand. The online marketplace that Faber provides allows contractors or construction companies to sign up and connect to a large database of skilled labour resources in their local city while providing a platform for contractors to easily add or remove workers based on project demands.

Penney AI Technologies

  • Leader(s): David Abbey (co-founder and CEO) and Chris Noble (co-founder and CTO)

  • Location: Squamish, BC

  • About the company: Penny is the AI-powered virtual assistant that helps direct sales consultants streamline sales processes, all while providing an excellent customer experience. Penny strengthens customer relationships using data, machine learning, and automation algorithms to create sales processes that inspire action, build momentum, and generate a professional reputation for consultants.


  • Leader(s): Kim Kaplan (founder and CEO)

  • Location: Vancouver, B.C.

  • About the company: Snack is a video-driven dating app -think Tinder meets TikTok- where users share videos of themselves on Snack and match with other users. Snack believes video promotes authenticity, transparency, and trust. Their target audience is Gen Z (18-24 years old) who are interested in building meaningful connections.

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