’s growing team is certainly something to boast about

Board member, three executives have been added to the team.

In our Sunday Briefing newsletter, we refer to hiring as:

👩🏻‍💼 Personnel issues: People going places.

In the case of, the issues they are solving for companies navigating the tiresome road to government tax credits has made the company an exciting destination. announced four new members of their team. One is at the board level while the remaining three round out’s C-Suite. 

Who is joining the team?

  • Laurie Schultz, board member - Shultz arrives via Galvanize, where, during her tenure as President and CEO, the company was acquired for $1 billion

  • Tara Janke, Chief Technology Officer - Janke is a 25 year veteran of the product management and engineering experience spaces.

  • Chris Cottle, Chief Marketing Officer - Cottle also brings over two decades of experience to

  • Tim Fisher, Chief Financial Officer - Similar to Shultz, Fisher arrives after an acquisition—his previous workplace, Lumere, was acquired by GHX in January, 2020. 

Why are they joining

“I love what the founders Alex Popa and Lloyed Lobo have done to streamline and productize the process, combined with a unique recurring business model, exceptional team and enviable culture all while keeping community give-back at the heart of the company,” said Schultz.

“I'm thrilled to help them take the existing technology further as well as build the next generation of Boast products," said Janke.

“R&D tax credits are a valuable form of capital to accelerate innovation, but most businesses either do not claim it or leave money on the table due to the associated red tape,” said Cottle. “Boast reclaims it quickly and easily for them, enabling CEOs to reinvest that capital to accelerate product innovation and growth.”

“As someone who's managed R&D Tax Credit filings for several companies, I felt the customer pain point acutely,” said Fisher. “I knew that was ready for exponential growth and I couldn't stay away."

Tell me more about’s recent growth 

With government support being top of mind for many over the past 15 months, the demand for help in this area has never been greater. Tax Credits are a valuable resource at the best of times but are held in even higher regard in uncertain times. appears to have risen to the occasion. This has been evidenced by’s fundraising.’s Series A raised $30M in December, 2020. Then, in February, the company announced a $100 million credit facility from Brevet Capital.

Additionally, hopes the hires will allow their team to better their product. This is especially true in the case of Janke. Janke’s hire was touted as “part of the company's continued investment in product development.” “Boast's technology makes the process simple and efficient, allowing its customers to focus on supercharging their growth. I'm thrilled to help them take the existing technology further as well as build the next generation of Boast products," said Janke.