The smartest 20 business and tech podcasts in Vancouver

What do they have in common? We promise you'll be smarter after you've listened to them than before.

Podcasting has never been bigger. Globally, it’s a $9.28 billion (USD) industry that’s expected to grow nearly 30% over the next seven years. Locally, Vancouver’s pod-economy may not be worth that much, but with studios like JAR Audio and Pacific Content, you might say the city has garnered a reputation for talent in the audio storytelling format.

What Vancouver-produced podcasts exist? (A lot.) How many of them focus on this publication’s primary concern, the culture and technology of business? And which ones should you actually listen to? There’s no easy to way find out, but lucky for you, we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to—and we’ve settled on our top 20 shows.

Of course, we’ve no doubt missed many, and some of you will be eager to point this out. That’s what our comment section is for. In any case, we hope you enjoy listening to these shows as much as we enjoyed discovering them.

Our Top 10

Measure What Matters by RightMetric

On Measure What Matters, RightMetric CEO Charlie Grinnell talks to B2C/D2C marketing leaders about—you guessed it—marketing, among other topics like business trends and the lessons they’ve learned throughout their business journeys. Each episode is packed with insights to help listeners assess what’s important when it comes to their marketing efforts. Although the podcast is still relatively new, that hasn’t prevented Grinnell from interviewing high-profile guests from companies like Vision Critical and DAZN. If you’re interested in marketing expertise across sectors like retail and software, then out of all the podcasts on this list, this is the one that matters.

Start Here: Fergie Cancade, Director of Global Athletes & Ambassadors at lululemon

The One Degree Shift Podcast by Eric Termuende

On the One Degree Shift podcast, author Eric Termuende talks to domain experts across a variety of industries from tech to retail to human resources. He’s out to answer questions core to building better teams and communities—such as How can you balance your time like a high-performing CEO? How do you build resilience within your organization? And what’s the future of the four-year degree? His core premise is that the major life changes we make ultimately stem from taking little steps. Learning to run before we sprint; learning to talk before we run. It’s the “little changes that we make and the little lessons that we learn that allow us to make intentional decisions,” he says in episode one. He wants to help you make your success something that is not achieved down the road, but part of the life you’re living every day—in one degree shifts. With guests from local companies like Bench and RightMetric to executives at VaynerMedia and the WWE, this podcast will appeal to both seasoned professionals as well as young people just starting out in their careers.

Start Here: When Curiosity Drives Culture with Zuleika Sgro, VP, People, Saje Natural Wellness

Sandwich Society by Casey Lau

From the future of VR to digital clones and synthetic humans, the Sandwich Society podcast is your portal to the future of entertainment. With host Casey Lau as a guide, listeners are treated to deep conversations with leaders and innovators in the digital entertainment space like Matthew Brennan, author of the book Attention Factory: The Story of TikTok and China's ByteDance and Blake Harris, author of Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo and the Battle That Defined a Generation. In addition to producing Sandwich Society, Vancouver-based Lau is co-host of the RISE conference, which is powered by the same team behind Web Summit and Collision, which gives him a particularly rich perspective through which to interview his guests. For anyone whose interests lay at the frontiers of virtual and digital media, this podcast is for you.

Start Here: Our Digital Clone & Synthetic Human Future is Here with Natalie Monbiot of Hour One

The BCBusiness Podcast by BCBusiness Magazine

On the BCBusiness podcast, you get the same in-depth coverage of B.C.’s business community that you would find in their print pages and website. With magazine editor Nick Rockel as your host, you can expect in-depth interviews with decision-makers, innovators and thinkers from the world of business including Kendra Johnston, president and CEO of the Association for Mineral Exploration and Jonas Altman, author of the book Shapers.

Start Here: Does British Columbia's Tech Sector Make the Grade? Here's What the Latest Industry Report Card Says

The Bits & Bytes Podcast by Launch Academy

With The Bits & Bytes Podcast, Launch Academy, which is known to many as ground-zero for tech startups in Vancouver, extends its reputation as a haven for startup wisdom and ideas from its physical Gastown location to your favourite podcatcher. Using food as the catalyst for conversation, host Jean Yoon talks to guests—ranging from Lumen5 CEO Michael Cheng to Spiro Khouri, CEO of The Gaming Stadium—about what it’s really like to start and grow a business. For anyone curious about the most engaging stories about where and how startups Launch, this is your new favourite show.

Start Here: Episode 5 – The Challenges of First-Time Entrepreneurship with Naomi Van Halteren, founder and CEO, LunaVR

Breaking News by Mind Meld PR

Through the Breaking News podcast, former national journalist-turned-PR consultant Jonathon Narvey engages in expansive conversations about media, sales, and thought leadership—topics that any ambitious founder will want to dig into. From communications professionals to news reporters and tech leaders, his guests include people like Breakthrough Communications founder Paul Sullivan and Heidi Hamilton from Priority Solutions. Whether you’re just new to public relations or a veteran interested in a deeper dialogue on strategy and leadership, there’s likely a Breaking News episode for you.

Start Here: Mind Meld PR #15 - How to build a relationship with a reporter with BetaKit's Editor-in-Chief, Douglas Soltys

BIV Today by Business in Vancouver

As far as I know, BIV Today is Vancouver’s only daily podcast focused on business. Hosted by Business in Vancouver editor Kirk LaPointe, as well as reporters Tyler Orton and Hayley Woodin, you could say that BIV Today covers the business, tech, real estate and political landscape unlike any other outlet. And that is to say, comprehensively. The podcast is frequented by heavy hitters like Jock Finlayson, executive vice-president and chief policy officer at the Business Council of British Columbia and Pete Molenaar, HSBC’s senior vice president and head of commercial banking for western Canada. For anyone who needs to stay up to date with the key business issues of the day, you couldn’t ask more.

Start Here: Snapchat's Canada GM on the business of social media

Marketing News Canada

The Marketing News Canada (formerly Marketing Jam) podcast covers all things marketing, advertising and communications. Hosted by Indigenous business leader Darian Kovacs, the show has hosted a wide range of experts from Google, LEGO, Spotify, and Starbucks, as well as thought leaders like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, and Neil Patel. With every show, the impossibly energetic Kovacs unearths tips, tricks, and actionable insights from the best marketers and business leaders from Canada and around the world. And 160+ episodes in, he shows no signs of slowing down.

Start Here: Leanne Gibson (Facebook Canada)

Afternoon T by TTT Studios

In this podcast series, TTT Studios President Chris Hobbs sits down with local, national, and international business leaders and entrepreneurs to learn more about their successes and failures. The interviewees are varied, with both serial entrepreneurs (Kyle Campbell of and community builders (Vivian Chan of Vancouver Startup Week) as part of the mix. Hobbs has also brought on industry stalwarts like Ray Walia (Launch Academy) and Josh Nilson (Eastside Games). While these guests’ backgrounds differ significantly, they all have one thing in common: fascinating, irresistible stories. Listen to Afternoon T to hear them.

Start Here: Carl Schmidt of Unbounce - Episode 12

The ModGolf Podcast

On this podcast, Startup Vancouver co-founder Colin Weston talks with golf's top influencers, entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors about their vision and solutions to re-imagine, transform and grow the game. Conversations range from golf entrepreneurship to artificial intelligence—and even if you don’t play golf, you’ll still enjoy it. The lessons you’ll hear transcend the game and will appeal to listeners beyond the sporting world.

Start Here: How a Human-Centered Design Approach Leads to Innovative Golf Products with Scott Moore, Product Manager, Garmin International

Our Next 10

if/else by, a podcast about the hard and soft skills software developers need for a sustainable and rewarding career in tech.

Good Money by Vancity, a podcast about the world of finance and rebuilding the economy in a way that’s fair for people and the planet.

PenderFund by PenderFund Capital Management, a podcast about investing to protect and grow capital.

Canada’s Podcast (B.C.), a podcast about businesses and the journeys of the entrepreneurs building them across Canada.

Recurrent Patterns by Vaclav Vincalek, a podcast that features leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists and authors discussing patterns in business, technology and culture.

The Site Visit, a podcast about leadership, trends and disruption in the construction industry.

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast by Adam and Matt Scalena, a podcast about real estate investing and analysis, as well as urban issues and economics.

Advance Tech Podcast, a podcast about scaling ideas into leading technology companies.

Vancouver Tech Podcast, a past podcast about Vancouver’s tech industry, news, events, and community programs.

Call to Action by Unbounce, a past podcast about online marketing success stories, tools, events and resources.

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