Province invests $10M into 43 projects to drive innovation in BC manufacturing, supply chain sector

Funding recipients include A&K Robotics, NZ Technologies Inc, Portable Electric Ltd and Poseidon Ocean Systems Ltd.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed vulnerabilities and demonstrated the importance of the manufacturing sector and supply chain, here in BC and around the world. In response, BC’s government is providing funding to help small and medium-sized manufacturers in BC expand, adapt and enhance their operations through the StrongerBC Accelerating Manufacturing Grants program.

As part of the initiative, the province is investing $10 million into 43 new projects — ranging from breweries to ocean tech — designed to strengthen innovation and diversification and create jobs in the province’s manufacturing sector as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Accelerating Manufacturing Grants program provided grants to eligible businesses to help them scale up, develop and commercialize new technologies or products, improve market access and identify operational improvements.

“The pandemic has changed the way many BC companies do business and for many, adapting and innovating is the way to ensure long-term growth,” said Ravi Kahlon, minister of jobs, economic recovery and innovation. “This program recognizes those businesses that have a solid plan to grow and become more globally competitive in the years ahead.”


The 43 grant recipients represent a wide range of manufacturing sectors throughout the province, including technology, food processing, shipbuilding, aerospace and forestry. Here they are in alphabetical order with their grant amounts:

  • Arctic Pearl Fishing Ltd.: $250,000

  • Alkeme Foods: $187,500

  • Ardea Herodias Enterprises Ltd.: $250,000

  • A&K Robotics: $59,736

  • Big Mountain Foods: $250,000

  • Blend Projects Inc.: $222,735

  • Chewters Chocolates (1992) Inc.: $250,000

  • Coulson Aircrane Ltd.: $250,000

  • Deserving Health International Corp./Sitka CNC Machining Ltd.: $500,000

  • Ergo Eco Solutions Inc.: $249,580

  • Eteros Technologies Inc.: $201,555

  • Eversio Wellness Ltd.: $238,312

  • Field House Brewing Co./Konig Brewing Solutions: $492,846

  • Flex Structure: $250,000

  • GelMA Biotechnologies Ltd.: $249,899

  • Global Mining Products Inc.: $112,081

  • GlüxKind Technologies Inc./OutlierJoinery: $190,350

  • Gourmet Savories Inc.: $250,000

  • Greenlight Canada Enterprise Ltd.: $94,312

  • GTC Construction Ltd.: $121,000

  • Megatech Distribution Inc.: $114,863

  • MotherLove Ferments Inc.: $110,000

  • Nanozen Industries Inc.: $241,150

  • Nova-BioRubber Green Technologies Inc.: $135,000

  • NZ Technologies Inc.: $243,405

  • Okanagan Mobile Juicing Inc.: $250,000

  • Open Ocean Robotics: $185.710

  • Parallel 49 Brewing Co.: $250,000

  • Portable Electric Ltd.: $249,303

  • Poseidon Ocean Systems Ltd.: $250,000

  • Precision MicroDynamcs Inc.: $74,400

  • Quejos Ancient Foods Inc.: $250,000

  • RaceRocks 3D Inc./Iris Dynamics: $486,341

  • Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada: $250,000

  • ReaplyWOOD Design and Research Inc.: $203,812

  • ReFeed Canada Farm Ltd.: $246,875

  • Response Biomedical Corp.: $219,500

  • Rohe Homes: $97,800

  • Sunasia Best Brand Foods Co. Ltd.: $250,000

  • Taeron Systems Inc.: $249,050

  • TAG Panels Inc.: $249,917

  • Vital Manufacturing Inc./Specific Mechanical Systems Ltd.: $472,968

  • Williams and White Machine Inc.: $250,000

The Accelerating Manufacturing Grants program provided 75% of project costs to a maximum of $250,000 for individual business projects or up to $500,000 for projects by a group of businesses. Projects are supporting the following activities:

  • demonstration or testing for prototypes of new technologies

  • commercialization of new technologies, products or services

  • improving market access or supply-chain competitiveness

  • identifying and applying operational improvements or increasing sustainability in supply chains

The Accelerating Manufacturing Grants program is part of the B.C. Supply Chain Resiliency and Value-Added Manufacturing Project, which the government committed more than $16 million to. Today’s announcement coincides with Manufacturing Week in BC.

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