Digital avatar tech firm Tafi to open Vancouver office

The venture-backed company hopes to tap into BC’s growing pool of tech talent.

Tafi, a leader in 3D digital art and avatar creation, has launched Tafi-Canada and is planning to open a Vancouver office in 2022. Tafi has been operating in and around Vancouver since 2020 in a remote work model and is targeting early next year to be operating out of physical offices.

“Vancouver is a world-class tech hub and is home to countless video game, tech, and visual effects studios," said Ty Duperron, chief operating officer at Tafi, who will helm Tafi-Canada studio development and hopes to accelerate the company’s growth by tapping into Vancouver’s talent pool of 75,000 workers.

"Obviously, I'm biased, but I believe some of the best and most diverse talent pools in the world can be found here,” said Duperron. “I'm personally very excited to be able to champion Vancouver. The city's unique culture fits perfectly with our vision and values as we continue to grow at Tafi."

Tafi makes personalized avatars and branded digital content available to anyone and portable across platforms including mobile, gaming, XR, social media, messaging, and video communications. Tafi also develops Daz 3D, a massive 3D marketplace and free software suite.

In its announcement, Tafi highlighted BC’s educational institutions, as well as BC Tech's Women in Tech and the Diversity and Inclusion in Tech Project,  which they say “have given rise to a more inclusive landscape, encouraging a diverse culture and attitude that aligns with the company's values.”

"All of us at Tafi are proud to call Vancouver 'home' as we officially open our doors for business here," added Matt Wilburn, president of Tafi. "We have a terrific team already in place and are excited to watch it grow in the months ahead.”

The Salt Lake City-founded company has partnered with VR Chat, Samsung and HTC, and has raised funding from Benchmark Capital, Columbia Capital, Ponto Partners and Silicon Valley Bank.